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With over 36 year’s experience, Iron Horse Services will be able to provide the quality of service you expect. Our Team performs inspections, repairs certifications, and testing for a variety of railcar types in a cost-effective, timely manner.  The Service division is set up to turn equipment quickly and has the capacity to handle large numbers of railcars at one time.


It is vital for any company to keep their railcars in excellent condition to meet the current shippers' demands.  Our rail team will work with you to make sure your equipment is safe and meets all necessary regulations.


IHS offers a wide range of services on-site. By offering multiple services at the same facility, we enable our customers to save time and money on unnecessary car movements, allowing fleet utilization to reach an optimum level. Our goal with any car in our facility is to turn it as quick as possible and do so honestly and transparently.


Our on-site maintenance team is capable of handling most-all rail car needs including:​

  • In-bound Interchange/Safety Inspection

  • AAR Bill Preparation

  • Current Repair Status Reporting (with customer log in portal)

  • UMLER/HMS and Customer Portal updates

  • Service Equipment replacement, rebuild, testing

  • Brake System Inspection & Repair 

  • Truck Inspection & Repair 

  • Wheel Gauging & Change Out 

  • Safety appliance repairs

  • Stenciling / Decals 

  • Paint Touchup 

  • Graffiti Removal 

  • Interior Coating Inspection, Repairs

  • Stub Sill Inspection 

  • Rule 88b Inspection 

  • Safety Appliance Repair 

  • Pellet Gate Repair / Rebuilding 

Railcars are responsible for transporting some of the most dangerous chemicals in the largest quantities within the bulk transportation industry.  Iron Horse Services wants to be your trusted partner when it comes to keeping your cars moving in revenue service.

Rail Car Maintenance

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