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Our unique location in the heart of Texas can offer transload from any bulk container to another. Whether changing mode of transportation or changing the shipment size, Iron Horse Services has the know-how to provide the logistics support you need.


Iron Horse Terminals with it's supporting rail infrastructure, located on Hwy 90 just outside of Beaumont city limits, is an excellent place for rail transload operations for both daily use or project-specific needs. We work with our customers to help them be successful. 

We work closely with several Transload companies and have full-time operations located onsite for rail to truck transloading of plastic.


Without limitation, projects we work on include: 

  • Turnaround Logistics Support

  • Modular Construction Rail Logistics Support

  • Pipeline Construction Materials by Rail

  • Plant Construction Materials by Rail

  • Laydown

  • Dry Bulk Transload

  • Liquid Transload

  • Material Handling


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